101 Series: Cammy

The 101 series is meant to help new players quickly get acclimated to a character and to give them the knowledge and tools to play effectively with a character as fast as possible. This series won’t be covering the complex aspects of each character, rather we will talk about the basic points of the character and what makes them strong. It is our hope that this series serves as a jumping-off point for you to more deeply explore the character.

What is she good at?

One of the original street fighter characters, Cammy is a offensive machine. She has a very simple tool set that allows her to pressure the opponent at nearly every turn. With great buttons from mid range and and close range, in addition to her cannon strike, dive-kick like attack, she can keep the opponent guessing at all times. She has the ability to take the enemy from mid screen to the corner by ending combos with her spiral arrow attack. If you’re looking for a character who can get in and attack attack attack without the difficult execution, Look no further.


Cammy has some of the strongest footsies attacks in the game which really make it difficult for her opponent to keep up with her at mid range.

c.MK :

Very very long range crouching poke. Be careful, even though her body moves very low to the ground, she can still be hit by moves that are a higher than her animation appears. This move should not be used to go under attacks as it will likely fail. Also cancellable into spiral arrow if it hits.


Longer range than her c.MK, but is not cancellable. Also has the added effect of going over lower attacks. This is a great move to annoy the hell out of your opponent with.


Although a bit on the slower side, this attack moves Cammy forward ever so slightly, which makes this a great way stay in range for attacks after taking a small step back. It’s also if it hits, you can confirm into V-Trigger and follow-up for a big combo.



Incredibly fast and virtually never loses to air attacks. If you anti-air an opponent with this, you have the option to dash forward and try to mix the opponent up when they land by doing an attack on their left or right side.


This attack is a bit harder to use because of it’s start-up, but if you counter-hit the opponent, you get a crush counter which leaves your opponent spinning in the air. You can generally follow-up by doing a dp.HK Cannon Strike.


Cammy’s Cannon Strike attack. A solid, “shoryuken-like” attack which has great range. You needn’t worry about opponents changing their jump-in timing by doing a delayed dive kick if you use this move. It will beat anything in the air.


c.LK, c.LP xx qcf.HK

Your quick confirm attack into a knockdown. Carries your opponent very far to the corner, which allows you to continue offense.

s.MP, s.HP xx dp.HK

Bread and butter for damage. Make sure you hit your opponent which s.HP, because if they block the DP, you will get crush countered.

f.HK, c.MP xx dp.HK

Strongest meterless combo. Linking into c.MP from f.HK isn’t difficult, but it feels a bit weird. Practice! practice! practice!

s.MP, s.HP xx qcf.LK, dp.KK

Great metered corner combo. Practice this before using it in a series, match as the timing to get the Cannon Spike after the Spiral arrow is a bit weird.

b.MP > s.HK xx hcf.PP > K, dp.HK

Probably the most taxing combo Cammy has executionally. Great midscreen, but HK Cannon Spike might be difficult. If you’re having trouble, you can change the HK to MK Cannon Spike for ease.



Frame Traps

s.MP, c.MP, c.MK or s.HP
c.MP, c.LP, c.MP

Cammy’s s.MP is wonderful because it grants her a lot of frame advantage and also builds white block damage fairly quickly. The first frame trap here the s.MP into the c.MP will catch any stray buttons the opponent presses. If the opponent is caught pressing buttons, the c.MP will become a counter hit and you will be able to link into c.MK. If the opponent guards the c.MP, the gap between c.MP and c.MK is can be interrupted, but generally isn’t. If the opponent starts to interrupt your c.MK, you can switch it up and start doing s.HP instead which will generally catch them.

The second frame trap is used for complete safety. While the first frame trap has some gaps in the latter half that are possible to break through by an opponent, this frame trap will catch anything the opponent presses that doesn’t have invincibility. If the opponent blocks the whole sequence, it also sets you up with the spacing to do a very fast cannon MK cannon strike. If you do it fast enough, the cannon strike will hit the opponents legs and you will be able to continue offense with a c.LP or c.MP. Again, this takes considerable practice so be wary before you throw it into your game.

Cammy’s Cannon Strike

At first glance, Cammy’s cannon strike doesn’t seem like it has much use. Generally if the opponent blocks it, Cammy is put at a disadvantageous position. This is because the attack generally strikes an opponent in their chest. To make it more effective, try hitting your opponent blow their waist. If you can do this, Cammy will retain advantage, and you can continue offense with s.LP, c.LP, b.MP, or c.MP. It’s best to visualize your opponent’s body in two different boxes. The top half which is bad, and the bottom half which is good. Practice the ranges at where you can hit your opponent’s lower half so you can keep the rush-down going. 

Okizeme [Wake-Up Pressure]:

Cammy’s knockdown situations are fairly straight forward and don’t require too much finesse.


Knocking down the opponent with the heavy version of spiral arrow is like Okizeme on training wheels. Afterward, immediately dash forward and depending on their wake up tendencies, do the following.

Quick Recovery:

c.MP [You can combo into s.MP on counter-hit.]

Back Recovery:

s.MK [It’s generally difficult to do, but you can in some situations combo into s.HP on counter-hit]


Ending a combo with the LK version of Cannon Strike allows you to immediately dash up  and do Cammy’s f.HK attack. The great thing about this set-up is that it will hit the opponent on both of their wake-up timings. You should be advised however, that if f.HK is blocked, Cammy is put into a slightly disadvantageous position and you should just block to avoid getting hit.


Though offense is where Cammy shines, her defensive skills aren’t half bad either. She has EX Cannon Strike which will blow through any attack, however be careful that the opponent is in range. Unlike the regular Cannon Strike attacks, this attack does not move forward at all. Cammy also has a great V-Reversal, which causes her to switch sides with her opponent and attack them. This is great because any situation where Cammy is on defense in the corner, forces her into the corner and allows her to become the attacker.


Cammy’s V-Skill isn’t great when used by itself, but against an opponent who has been condition to block, does allow it to see some use. The V-Skill attack causes her to hop forward which allow her to go over some low attacks during this time, and then attack. If you are close to your opponent when you do this attack, Cammy will hop to the other side and then attack. If the attack lands, you can generally combo into a s.HP afterward. If it’s blocked, Cammy is still at an advantageous position and can continue offense. It should be advised that this attack does have considerable start-up animation before it actually hits the opponent, so be sure to weigh the risk before throwing this out willy-nilly

Recommended V-Skill combo:
V-Skill, s.HP xx qcf.HK

Cammy’s V-Trigger is incredibly straight forward. It puts her in a state that powers up the next 2 special attacks she uses. Her spiral arrow will shoot forward across the screen and is invincible to fireballs. If it hits, it allows cammy to follow up with her Cannon Spike attack for big damage. Speaking of the Cannon Spike,the powered up version makes it a perfect shoryuken-like attack. Incredible range, fully invincible, and super-fast. And finally her Cannon Strike dive-kick becomes multi-hit, very fast, advantageous on block, and allow her to combo if it hits. A very cool thing is that against opponents stationary V- Reversals, Cammy will simply go through them and land on the other side, allowing her to continue offense or punish them for an ill-timed v-reversal.

Recommended V-Trigger combo:
j.qcb.K, s.MP, s.HP xx qcf.K, dp.KK


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