101 Series: Ed

The 101 series is meant to help new players quickly get acclimated to a character and to give them the knowledge and tools to play effectively with a character as fast as possible. This series won’t be covering the complex aspects of each character, rather we will talk about the basic points of the character and what makes them strong. It is our hope that this series serves as a jumping-off point for you to more deeply explore the character.

What is he good at?

Introduced in season 2, Ed is a kind of character that has never existed in the Street Figther Series ever before. Instead of using motion like quarter circle forward or charging motions, Ed only has special moves that are button presses. He isn’t particularly strong far away, but when he is close, his attacks can be suffocating. For opponents who are far away, Ed can also use his V-Skill which can reel opponents in and put him in an advantageous position. He also has very strong options against opponents who try to often jump at him, by aiming his V-Skill or other attacks like Psycho Rising.


Ed’s footsies, are a bit on the stubby side, but his moves make up what they lack in range with their different properties.

c.MK :

You have to be careful using this move. Although it’s one of his longest reaches normal attacks. Even at max range, cancelling it will cause the special move to whiff.


This move has good range, also goes over lows and is able to crush counter opponents and follow-up for damage. Just be careful using this move very close to your opponent as you can be hit by some characters if it’s blocked.


This move is chargeable, and although that’s alright, what really makes it great is the fact that Ed reels back during the charge, and whenever you release the button he will punch. Ed has the ability to dodge out of the way of an opponents attack when charging, then release, and hit them opponent while their attack is recovering. Be careful not to hold it for too long or you’ll get the charged version which puts Ed at a disadvantage if blocked.



Great anti-air and also crush counters opponents if the beginning of the move is a counter hit. Allows you to get a small combo from a crush counter.


Although it can be difficult to execute quickly enough for the move to come out, Ed’s down plus V-Skill can be used to scoop opponents out of the sky for a hard knockdown and net you a bit a v-meter in the process


Pressing any two kick buttons, has Ed do his uppercut kick attack. This move is a great anti-air, and can be followed up with, with by pressing any punch button. If you press two punch buttons instead, you can do an EX attack.


c.LK, c.LP xx KK > P

Your quick confirm attack into a knockdown.

s.MP, c.MK xx PP

Bread and butter combo for damage. Be careful, if you are too far away, PP will miss the opponent.

s.MP, c.HP xx KK > P

Your meterless punish combo of choice.

s.MP, c.HP xx KK > PP, d.V-Skill

This is your basic punish combo with one meter. Also builds a little V-Gauge as well.

c.HP [Crush Counter], j.MP, d.V-Skill

This is a great meterless crush counter combo that builds about 80% of 1 V-Gauge bar.


Frame Traps

c.LP, s.MP, c.MK
c.LP, s.MP, c.MP, s.HK or s.HP

As Ed want’s to be near his opponent at all times, it’s important to start your pressure strings with c.LP. It also leaves Ed at a range that lets him throw afterward. The frame trap ending with c.MK is good to end in case any attack before it connects and if you do hit your opponent, you can follow-up with PP.

If you want to keep up the pressure for longer, then you can use the second frame trap listed. The double s.MP will hit an opponent trying to attack between each of them. If the opponent blocks both, you can do s.HK to over low attacks afterward and maybe get a crush counter. You also have the choice of doing s.HP. This move is interesting, because it can be held. and the charging motion reels the character back. You can use the reelback to dodge an attack and then punish afterward. Don’t hold it too long though or you’ll get the full animation which puts Ed in a bad position if the opponent blocks it.

Okizeme [Wake-Up Pressure]:

Many of Ed’s options when he knocks down an opponent are very similar even from different attacks. He does have to guess the opponent’s wake-up choice however, so be careful of taking these kinds of risks.


A knockdown from Psycho Upper gives Ed two basic options. First you should dash forward, then you should do either s.HP or s.HK based on the opponent’s choice to wake-up. Check the small chart below.

Quick Recovery:

s.HP [Crush counter’s on hit]

Back Recovery:

s.HK [Crush counter’s on hit]

KK > P

If you knock an opponent down with Psycho Rising into Psycho Splash, your options are essentially the same. Both of the options from Psycho Upper knockdown work here as well. Less to remember!


Ed’s defensive options are pretty good, given he has the resources to implement them. By pressing PPP, Ed’s EX Psycho upper will blow through nearly any attack. It is very invincible, but a bit slow to come out. He can also press KK to do Psyco Rising. While not immediately invincible, the beginning is invincible to fireballs, then later on completely invincible. Be careful, as being hit during the end of the move will cause you get counter hit. Additionally, Ed can V-Reversal by pressing f.KKK while blocking to roll away.


Ed’s V-Skill is a basically an energy whip that is used to close the distance between himself and the opponent. It has two versions, an air and a ground version. The ground version has two strengths, tap and hold. The tap version pulls Ed toward the opponent and he does a quick follow-up attack. If blocked he is at disadvantage. The hold version pulls the opponent toward Ed. If blocked, Ed is at a great advantage and can continue pressure. If it hits, Ed can combo from it.

The air version is used for very confident anti-airs and juggle follow-ups in V-Trigger.

Recommended V-Skill combo:
V-Skill [Hold], KK > P

Ed’s V-Trigger is a large ball of Psycho energy that moves toward the opponent. If you do V-Trigger while holding forward, the attack will travel forward faster than normal. It’s great when used from far away because it allows Ed to close the gap, and force reactions from his opponent. Use it either in combos, or as a way to get in and punish your opponent trying to escape it.

Recommended V-Trigger combo:
s.MP, c.HP, f.V-Trigger, f.dash, d.V-Skill [Hold], PP

Fighting as Ed

Ed doesn’t have an overhead so his pressure can be very simple to block. If opponents are blocking a lot of your pressure, you can do his charged V-Skill. If the opponent blocks the fully charged V-Skill, Ed pulls them back in where he can rinse repeat the same mix-up. What’s strong about this is if they are relatively close when he pulls them in, he can go for a throw or do jab into a throw, or jab into frame traps again. Be careful though as the V-Skill takes a long time to come out and has a lot of downtime if it misses. 

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