101 Series: Juri

The 101 series is meant to help new players quickly get acclimated to a character and to give them the knowledge and tools to play effectively with a character as fast as possible. This series won’t be covering the complex aspects of each character, rather we will talk about the basic points of the character and what makes them strong. It is our hope that this series serves as a jumping-off point for you to more deeply explore the character.

What is she good at?

Juri is a defensive type of hit and run character in SFV. She uses long range attacks and a myriad of tools to hit the opponent from afar, do some damage up-close and then get away as soon as possible. She has a somewhat complex tool-set with lots of intricate properties on many of her attacks that may not seem readily apparent. She has great individual buttons, but requires good resource management of not only meter but stocked attacks. If you are the kind of player who can mentally juggle these resources during a match, you’ll definitely excel at Juri’s style of play.


Juri’s footsies at mid and long range are simple, but highly effective. She has moves that allow you to get over low attacks and just outrange most opponents outrange. Not to mention her low fireball which helps her control the floor and walking space on the level.


A great 2-hitting attack, that has great range and goes over a large amount of the cast’s low attacks. The first hit is cancelable, and can be buffered if you throw it out in footsies and catch an opponent overextending themselves. The second hit is not cancelable but does set you up in a great place to attack with s.HK afterward.


One of Juri’s crush counter attacks. This move hops over low moves altogether and has incredibly far range. If you manage to land a crush counter with this attacks you can dash forward and follow-up for a bigger reward than you would normally get in footsies.


a standard low poking attack. It is cancelable, but does not actually combo from many special moves. It is recommended that you only cancel into the qcf.HK released version or dp.LP. Standard tool for any character with good footsies in a Street Fighter game.

qcf.LK [Release]

This is Juri’s low fireball which travels about half of the screen and then dissipates. This will go under normal Hadouken-like fireballs and clip the opponents feet. In V-Trigger 1, this has more range and becomes 2 hits. Note that before you can unleash this attach, you have to first stock the fireball by doing an initial qcf.LK. It also has significant recovery, so make sure there is some distance between yourself and your opponent before first using it. After it’s been fired, you can walk behind it to pressure the opponent to make a move or retreat.



Pretty good anti-air attack and will also crush counter which allows you to follow up with dp.MP or dp.PP. Be careful as it does have considerable start-up and is not recommended if your opponent is close to you before you can react.


Juri’s go-to anti-air attack. This is like a normal dragon punch but has enormous range. It also has upper-body invincibility, which means it will never lose to a jumping attack. In addition, you can leverage the upper-body invincibility to punish attacks the go over your head like Ryu’s grounded Tatsu.


No-Resource Combos

c.LK, c.LP xx dp.HP

Juri’s quick, low-damage, hit-confirm from a light attack. if the opponent is blocking, you can end the move with a s.LK to stay safe, but if you confirm that you hit your opponent, you can do the dp.HP to get good damage and a chance to stock an attack of level up your v-skill.

s.MP, s.MK [1 Hit] xx dp.HP

Your go to combo if you confirm a combo off of s.MP, or during a frame trap. Be sure not to let the s.MK hit two-times as the second hit is not cancelable. It might require some practice to get it down consistently. Like before, you can you the knockdown to stock an attack with qcf.LK/MK/HK or hold v-skill and backdash to level-up.

s.MP > f.HP xx  dp.MP

Good meterless and stock-less punish that grants a knockdown using the target combo from s.MP.

Resource Combos

s.MP, s.MK [1 Hit] xx qcf.MK [Release], c.MP xx qcb. MK

Here you extend the s.MP, s.MK above with a stocked qcf.MK attack and get a knockdown. Great damage and only requires one stocked move to execute. This attack also moves Juri very far across the level, which allows her to occupy ground and quickly push her opponent to the corner.

c.HP, qcf.MK [Release], c.MP xx qcf.HK [Release], dp.MP [CORNER ONLY]

Very damaging and hard htiting combo, but requires two stocks (MK & HK). Also the qcf.HK must end in the corner for you to get the follow-up dp.MP. It’s not recommended that you use dp.PP becuase the damage added is negligible compared to all of the resources that you have to spend.


Frame Traps

c.LP, s.MP, c.MP
c.LP, s.MP, s.MK

Please keep in mind that Juri is not a character meant to be played upclose. She is meant to pressure from mid-range with long buttons. For this reason, you’ll see that her tight frame-traps are scarce and the reward she reaps from them are also small. The first frame trap has a small gap between the c.LP and s.MP, if the s.MP counter-hits the opponent, will allow you to follow up with c.MP. Do be advised, that the gap between s.MP and c.MP, while small, can be interrupted by the fastest light attacks. The second frame trap is much the same. The difference here is that because the s.MK has a little bit of sway back it can sometimes cause the fastest attacks to miss and then you can hit the recovery. It is a situation that works more because of the interaction of the attacks on the screen rather than the speed of attacks. Again, from the c.MP and s.MK of either combo, you can cancel them both into qcb.MK

If opponents are adamant on blocking all of your frame traps, it might be useful to take advantage of the s.MP, take a few steps back and then when your opponent thinks it’s okay to press a button, nail them with Juri’s b.HK, which is two hits and is cancelable on both of them. Remember, that Juri does not excel at close range, and that your optimal area on the screen is about 1 to 2 character lengths away from your opponent. There you can use buttons like b.HK, s.HK, and s.MK to pressure the opponent.


Prioritize stocking qcf.HK as soon as possible. 
At mid-range, you can cancel c.MK into qcf.HK. This is great if you can can quickly confirm the single hit. qcf.HK knocks the opponent down for a long time which allows you to stock another qcf.HK [Or LK / MK, you’re choice, but I always recommend having HK]. If the opponent jumps, after waking up, you have time after stocking your attack to punish with a dp.MP or j.MP > j.HK target combo, or j.LP+LK throw. Always have a qcf.HK stocked!

Okizeme [Knockdown Pressure]

Juri’s knockdown pressure is not where she excel, and while she does have some set-ups, the do require some level of risk, and so for the majority of situations, you should prioritize defense when you get knockdowns. Ask yourself if you have stocked all of your moves, or if you have leveled up V-Skill  to the faster and safer version. Once you’ve confirmed your resources, then it’s recommended that you follow-up on offense.

qcf.HK [Release]

After the HK tatsu Ken can use his regular forward dash and work with a fairly straightforward mix-up as follows:

Quick Recovery:

f.dash, f.dash, s.MP, s.HP [s.HP will combo, if the s.MP was a counter-hit. From here you can combo qcb.MK

Back Recovery:

qcf.LK/MK/HK [Stock]. Not much you can get offense-so take the time to re-stock something and react. You’ll be able to react to and punish jump attacks even if you stock. dp.MP should punish the jumps.


All three attacks, grant the same knockdown timings and unlike other options, grant you some decent follow-ups to continue pressuring the opponent:

Quick Recovery:

f.dash, s.MK,[CH], s.MK [1 Hit] xx qcb.MK. After the forward dash,t he first s.MK will hit on the second hit, but will grant you enough time to hit s.MK again. Here you can cancel the first hit of the second s.MK for another knockdown to rinse and repeat the same set-up if the opponent does not change their behavior. 

Back Recovery:

f.dash, s.HK [CH], f.dash, s.LP, s.LK xx dp.HP. Have your reactions on-point for this. After the counter-hit from s.HK, you can either dash forward and follow-up with the s.LP, and s.LK to confirm into the dp.HP or, you can take a small step forward and try to follow-up with a s.HP xx qcb.MK. Definitely practice this set-up to see which one feels more comfortable for you to perform in a real match. 


Juri’s rising kick specials, much like the qcf.HK release, grant Juri an enormous amount of time before the opponent gets back on their feet, and so again, you should prioritize your resources before going in here.


As a defensive-oriented character, Juri has more tools than most to deal with an opponent’s offense. With meter, she has access to her EX Tensinrin [DP] to shut down offense. In addition to this, her V-Skill, allows her to move through her opponent and attack from the other side, and goes through fireball attacks. Once charged, it also gains throw invincibility and becomes incredibly fast. Once leveled up, it allows Juri to shut-down a lot of the cast’s options. Finally, she also has her V-reversal which attempts to put a great deal of distance between her and her opponent if it hits.


Juri’s V-Skill comes in two versions, Level 1 and Level 2. By holding the buttons you can charge the move up. Once you release, Juri will short forward, go past the opponent and hit them on the other side. Please keep in mind if they block, you can be punished. The level 2 is harder to punish because of the distance, but it’s still possible. During the release of the V-Skill, you can tap the buttons again, to make Juri cancel out of the V-Skill and stop short before moving past the opponent. You can use them when the opponent is expecting to block, to end early next to them and just throw. The level 2 version goes through fireballs and can be used to follow-up after some special attacks like qcf.HK, though the damage is negligible.

Level up V-Skill and abuse it’s speed!

If you hold Juri’s V-Skill, you notice after about 1 second a puff of smoke appears around her feet. This is an indication that the next time her V-Skill is used, it will be the leveled up version. The V-Skill is cancelable into forward or backdash, so you can save it for later. Once leveled, you can stop or deal with lots of attacks that most of the cast cannot. Below is a short list of attacks that you can shut down with charged up V-Skill.

Every Fireball [Ryu, Ken, Nash, Sakura, Rashid, Cody, Falke, Akuma, Juri, Guile, Laura, Urien, Chun-Li Dhalsim]
Orb Set [Menat]
Can V-Skill [Birdie]
Whip V-Skill [Ed]
Blanka Ball Punish on Block [Blanka]
EX Tackle > 2nd Aegis Reflector [Urien]
V-Trigger 2 Pressure [Urien]
Run Shenanigans [Abigail]

Recommended V-Trigger I Combo:
s.MP, s.MK [1 Hit] xx qcf.HK [Release] [1 Hit]  xVTx, s.MP > f.HP xx dp.MP

Juri’s V-Trigger 1, Feng-Shui Engine Alpha is incredibly deep and grants her lots of intricate properties on her moves. As for the basics, it allows her to cancel her normal buttons into the next strength button, but simply mashing the buttons. She also can use the Release version of the qcf.LK/MK/HK attacks without needing the appropriate stock [using V-gauge instead]. In addition, it allows Juri to jump cancel her s.MP > j.HP target combo. After the jump combo, you can cancel the air normals into the next strength attack like you would the ground attacks.

V-Gauge Uses:


c.MK > s.HK xx qcf.HK
s.MK > s.HK > s.HP xx qcf.HK

From far range, you want to cancel your c.MK or s.MK into s.HK on hit and follow-up with more damage. Basically any hit you land will net you around 200 points of damage.

c.LP, s.LP, s.LK > s.MK > s.HK xx qcf.HK

Your simple confirms, can be confirmed into strong button cancels. Be careful as this will take a significant amount of V-gauge to perform.

s.HP xx qcf.MK, s.MK xx dp.HP

You can certainly make longer and higher damaging combos in V-Trigger, however, the damage they add for the V-gauge they require is not optimal, and so this combo is recommended for general use.


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