101 Series: Kolin

The 101 series is meant to help new players quickly get acclimated to a character and to give them the knowledge and tools to play effectively with a character as fast as possible. This series won’t be covering the complex aspects of each character, rather we will talk about the basic points of the character and what makes them strong. It is our hope that this series serves as a jumping-off point for you to more deeply explore the character.


What is she good at?

Introduced in season 2, what immediately stands out about Kolin is that she has an incredibly strong counter. It can interrupt almost any blockstring and grants her a knockdown and a large damage reward if it she makes a correct prediction. If she can score even one counter, all momentum shifts to her. In addition she the ability to set traps by lobbing an iceball [her hailstorm attack] above opponents. She can create very strong mix-ups by knocking an opponent down and throwing an iceball above them. Finally, her vanity step move allows her to take a step back and then attack in a different variety of ways. She can take a step back to evade attacks, move forward again to continue offense, or jump forward for some tricky air-based offense.


In mid-range, Kolin doesn’t have a lot of options, however she does have a few good attacks that you should constantly be using.

c.MK :

Has great range to poke opponents and also drops her body so some attacks will go over her head. It can’t be cancelled, but it does grant you the advantage to continually attack afterward because of it’s positive, frame advantage.


Has very good range, and goes over some lower attacks, however it is very slow. Good damage and awards you a crush counter if it counter-hits the opponent. Again, be careful of the recovery as the move is slow to retract.


Kolin’s V-Skill is a forward moving swipe attack that is also a counter attack. If she is hit during this attack, she absorbs the hit, becomes fully invincible for the rest of the duration of the attack and will perform a second follow-up swipe attack. If it hits the opponent without following-up, in some cases you can continue comboing into a c.LP. Be careful as this move is punishable up close. It’s best to experiment with the range and then use it so just the very tip of the swiping attack connects. This way, if the opponent blocks, it’s very difficult to punish Kolin.




This is Kolin’s basic mode of hitting opponents who jump. It will often trade, and is admittedly not the best option, but is the most consistent in every situation, as her other anti-air option require some level of prediction.


Kolin’s high counter is an amazing anti-air, however does require that the opponent do an attack. If they jump and do nothing, they can land and will get a large punish if you made an incorrect prediction.


Kolin’s air-throw is a good way to deal with jump-ins preemptively. This requires a lot of focus and to some degree good reaction to do. It’s a great choice, if you’re expecting the jump.


Although not effective for a jump in at a very close range, people who try to jump across the screen can be hit out of the sky, and more often than not, the counter will push them back even farther back than where they started from.



c.LK, c.LP xx dp.MP

Your quick confirm attack into a knockdown.

c.MP, s.MK > s.HP > V-Skill

Decent damage from pressure and builds 1/10th of your overall V-Gauge.

c.MP, s.MK xx qcf.PP, qcb.HK, j.Throw

Bread and butter for damage, and a knockdown.

s.HK, s.MK > s.HP > V-Skill

Big punish combo plus 10% V-Gauge gain.

s.HK, f.dash, c.MP, s.MK xx qcf.PP, qcb.HK, j.throw

Crush Counter combo to deal big damage


Frame Traps

c.MP, c.MP, s.MP or s.HP
c.MP, s.LP, s.MP or s.HP

Kolin’s pressure is quite good up close. Her c.MP is really good for frame traps and used together with s.MP can create very tight strings that are difficult to escape from. s.HP is great to use after c.MP because it crush counters. after the above pressure, you can use c.MK to continue pressure from far away or you can do s.LK xx LP Parabellum. s.LK is great at catching any random buttons opponent press and from so far away, LP Parabellum is hard to punish.

*Pro Tip*
After you do c.MK or or LP Parabellum, take note of what your opponent does afterward. If they always do the same attack afterward, you can use the counter in anticipation of their attack. 

Okizeme [Wake-Up Pressure]:


A knockdown from a MP Hailstorm gives Kolin the opportunity to pressure on an opponent’s quick recovery and back recovery. After MP Hailstorm, dash forward, and then immediately do c.MP will catch both wake-ups. In addition, You can dash forward and do a vanity step and it’s follow-ups to mix-up the opponent.

Recommended Vanity-Step follow-ups:

MK Vanity Step:

f.MK: overhead
c.MP: frame-trap

HK Vanity Step:

j.LK: high attack
empty jump, c.LK: low attack


Kolin’s defensive options are quite limited. She can sometimes use her EX Vanity step [LK+MK] to take a step back away from difficult situations. She also has the option to try and counter. Her EX counter is 1F start-up and so can be used in any situation, however you still have to choose low, mid, or high counter, which is a risky guess. If your counter fails, it will result in a counter-hit for the opponent. Finally she has the option to use V-Reversal, which is a rolling away move, but has very little range, and can be thrown.


Kolin’s V-Skill, as stated before is a forward swiping attack that can be combo’d into at close ranges, and will activate a counter-attack if she is struck during it. It is unsafe if the opponent blocks it though. For this reason, it’s best to use this attack from a distance, where Kolin cannot be punished.

Her V-trigger allows her to freeze the ground in front of an opponent. If an opponent is hit by the attacks, it knocks them far backward and freezes their stun gauge, preventing it from decreasing unless the opponent hits Kolin. V-Trigger is best used after c.MK as it can catch opponent who are trying to get away from her, or during combos, which gives her the ability to push to the opponent to the corner and dish out some extra damage.

Recommended V-Trigger Combo:
c.MP, s.MK xx qcf.PP, qcb.MK, c.HK [1-Hit] xx V-Trigger, f.dash, dp.LP

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