East’s Corner 06: New Guilty Gear SparkNotes

So I spent most of my Monday running in west Tokyo, training for a half-marathon [My legs are dead y’all. I’m out here like Professor X] and completely missed out on the entire stream about the new Guilty Gear, where they showed off some of the characters, played a few matches, and had a Q&A with some of the ArcSys team.

First off I just want to say, this kind of communication and marketing is awesome. They got core members of the FGC to come in, showed off the game, ask the deeper questions that fighting game fans want to know. I really wish more companies took this approach. Looking forward to more communication about the game like this before it’s release.

Anyway, I digress, I want to go over some of the bits of information that they covered for other folks like me that may have missed the stream. I’ve tried to condense them into the notes below:


  • You probably don’t need me to tell you this at all, but the game’s visuals are jaw dropping. Far and beyond anything currently out there. The close-ups and camera angles make the action more exciting and dynamic for spectators without detracting from the actual gameplay for players.
  • The characters performing their moves are actually shown on the command list screen.
  • When you counter-hit with a big damage starter, you get this bit of slowdown and on the back of the screen in big white letters it says “COUNTERHIT.” I don’t know about you, but I really like this.


  • Slash was called the Universal Gatling, which means it will function like previous installments, where you can immediately cancel into Heavy Slash, Dust, Far Slash if your initial hit was Close Slash.
  • Punch and Kick will only really gatling into themselves, so you can’t do a combo like 2P > 5K > 5HS. If you start with punch, you can only gatling into other punch moves. If you start with kick, you can only gatling into other kick moves.
  • Dash is a button that can be mapped.
  • Throw is no longer 1F start-up and has a whiff animation. This means throw can be baited [shimmies, etc.] I feel like this change overall is big and will sway the way the game is played.


Whooo- boy. Strap in, this is the nitty gritty stuff, that core fans probably want to know. I’ll talk about some initial impressions afterward about all of this, based on some of the conversations and the Q&A section of the stream that happened as well.


  • Chip Kills, however chip damage still exists.
  • Dead Angle, but you can roman cancel on block, for a similar effect. It was also mentioned in the stream, that this can be baited and punished as well.
  • Stun
  • Changes on frame data when you instant block. Instant block only nets you more tension gauge [Meter].
  • Air Teching. Attacks will instead knock you far away, you’ll hit the ground and then you can get up from the ground.
  • Difference in wake-up timings. Everyone gets up the same.


  • All Roman Cancels cost 50 Tension Guage [Meter].
  • It looks like the time slow-down for roman cancel still exists. We weren’t given much detail about how it functions now, but there have been changes.
  • There are reportedly many different types of roman cancels, but we weren’t really given much information about what they were and their specific properties. We’ll likely have to wait until Arc Revo or a Kizzie Kay stream to find out.


There wasn’t another section for this, so I decided to give it it’s own section. There are new mechanics when players are at the wall. Basically, if you get wall splatted in the corner, you’ll notice a broken glass effect behind your character. Reportedly if you are hit 3 times, the wall will break and you’ll send your opponent flying. You’ll both end up on a different backdrop of the level at mid-screen and the person who caused the wall-break [person who hit the other dude into the wall] will have an attack buff for a short time. Although it was said that 3 moves on the wall cause a wall-break, it seems like some moves bypass this need, for example, Sol’s Super did it in 1 hit. Probably for balance.


Rather than type it out here, I made a video for the summary, to save us all time. I think I cover a couple of big points and ultimately talk about how the changes identified on the stream translate into the gameplay for the game. Check it out below:

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