V-Skill & V-Trigger Guide: Season 1 DLC

Street Fighter V introduced a very cool and custom mechanic for each fighter called the  “V-System” and while the game did have a very simple tutorial mode, it was a bit lacking in exactly what the V-trigger or V-Skill mechanics were for each character. This tutorial is made to solve that problem. Below we’ll talk very quickly, but with enough depth to get you started and experimenting with your character’s special V-Trigger and V-Skills.




V-Skill: Overhaul

Alex winds up his arm, which makes his next attack a “Hard Hit.” Hard hit attacks have the exact same properties as counter-hit attacks in damage and frame advantage. This effect only lasts for 1 attack. If your attack hits or is blocked, or if Alex is hit before attack, the effect goes away. If your attack whiffs, Alex retains the hard hit property. Just a note, that overhaul doesn’t reward Alex with any meter for his V-gauge.

V-Trigger 1: Rage Shift

When Alex activates V-Trigger, his V-gauge slowly starts depleting. If unused, the bar lasts for about 30 seconds. During this mode, he gains access to sledge hammer by pressing HP+HK. Sledgehammer is a chargeable wrestling-clothesline type attack. If charged fully it becomes an unblockable attack, that covers most of the ground on the screen. It can be released early for an attack (Though the attack will be blockable) as well. If you try to hit Alex during the charge for this attack, he will have 1 frame of super armor. The start-up of this attack allows Alex to also parry incoming attacks and gain back V-gauge while V-trigger is active. Alternatively, Alex can let go of the HP+HK while charging to parry moves that hit him during the charge animation. Using Sledgehammer uses up about 1/4th of Alex’s V-gauge, but he can cancel the recovery of a hit of this attack into his other special attacks.

V-Trigger 2: Rage Boost

V-Trigger 2 grants Alex access to two new special attacks. The first, Flying DDT, is a leaping grab that has Alex hop about 1/4 of the screen distance forward to catch standing opponents. Do note that this attack will completely miss on opponents who are in the air or are crouching on the ground. It can be comboed into from attacks that force the opponent to stand such as s.HK. In addition, Alex also gets a new ender to his flash chop attack [qcf.P] called Choke Sleeper. This attack will deal a bit extra damage and will keep Alex close to the opponent to go for a mix-up immediately afterward when the opponent re-stands.



V-Skill: Sonic Blade

Guile throws a projectile that stays in place right in front of him before dissipating after a while. Guile is able to cancel the recovery of this move into a Sonic Boom. When Sonic Boom and Sonic Blade come into contact, they combine into a 2-hit moving projectile. You can also opt to throw an EX Sonic Boom through the Sonic Blade, which makes it a 3 -hit projectile that travels more quickly across the screen. Guile gains a small amount of V-gauge on hit and block of Sonic Blade.

V-Trigger 1: Hard Puncher

Guile activates V-Trigger and he gains wind rings around his wrists. This will activate for about 30 seconds. During this time, Guile’s Sonic Booms will have less recovery, He also gains a new special move called “Sonic Break.” Sonic Break is basically a smaller Sonic Boom that doesn’t require charge time. Guile can Press HP+HK to throw a sonic break. Unlike normal projectiles, there is no limit to how many he can throw at once. By holding forward while doing Sonic Break, the fireball will travel faster. holding back will make it travel more slowly. Alternatively, Guile can throw a Sonic Boom, and then cancel the recovery by pressing any punch button immediately afterwards. Pressing LP throws one at the same speed as holding back and HP+HK. Pressing MP throws the same speed as neutral and HP+HK, and pressing HP throws a sonic break at the same speed as forward and HP+HK. Using the sonic break depletes a small portion of the V-gauge timer. Throwing 4 in succession depletes the timer fully. Finally, Guile’s critical art, Sonic Hurricane, during Hard Puncher, becomes Sonic Tempest. In addition it covers more for the screen and does more damage. Using Sonic Tempest will instantly deplete all of the V-gauge and will subsequently end V-trigger.

V-Trigger 2: Knife Edge

Guile’s V-Trigger 2 allows him to power up his flash kick special attack [ d[u].K ]. When he performs a flash kick he will also send a sonic boom forward from his foot. He can also combo a regular flash kick into the EX Version as well. Be careful as this attack is unsafe if used next to your opponent. Even if they block the sonic boom attack up close, they can still punish the flash kick.



V-Skill: Tenrai

By pressing MP + MK with Ibuki, she will perform a short reelback before lunching forward and releasing a small blast of energy from her hand. This blast is considered a projectile and can be beaten by projectile invincible moves. The reelback is useful as it will actively help  ibuki dodge attacks and then retaliate quickly afterward. You can also extend the reel time by holding MP + MK before striking with the energy blast, but be careful because if you’re hit while reeling back it will be considered a counter-hit.

V-Trigger 1: Rokushaku Horokudama

Ibuki’s V-Trigger 1 allows her to toss a bomb by pressing HP + HK. Each bomb has a fuse that explodes at different timings based on the direction you input when you throw the it. By not inputting any direction when you press HP + HK, you’ll get the fastest exploding bomb which you can combo from  given the right combo. If you hold forward will pressing HP + HK will release the bomb with the longest fuse and take the longest amount of time to explode; and back + HP + HK will release a bomb with a fuse somewhere in the middle, between the neutral and forward + HP + HK timing. In the event that you need to make a bomb explode even earlier than it’s normal fuse time limit, you can throw an ex kunai [qcf.PP] to have it explodes upon impact. Finally, you can move and juggle the bombs around screen by hitting them with your attacks. Keep in mind that your opponent can do the same. You can throw a maximum of two bombs before the V-Trigger ends.

V-Trigger 2: Fuma Shuriken

Fuma Shuriken allows Ibuki to toss a single large shuriken across the screen. Ibuki can aim the shuriken to have it’s trajectory go either straight forward by input HP + HK and no joystick direction, or have it shoot upward at a diagonal angle by holding back + HP + HK. Regardless of which one you throw, it will also return back toward Ibuki a few moments after it leaves the screen initially. You can use this time to set up tricky mix-ups or to create long juggle combos using the shuriken.

Balrog Boxer

Balrog [Boxer]

V-Skill: KKB

Boxer’s V-Skill has him do a quick spin forward that allows him to move through fireballs by pressing MP + MK. You can follow-up the spin attack with either a punch or kick button. If you follow up with a punch, you’ll do a horizontal spinning punch. You can use this to punish the ending animation of your opponents fireball attack. Alternatively you can press a kick button, which has Boxer do a vertical spinning punch from above that must be blocked standing. If this hits, you can follow up a combo. Be careful as both attacks can be punished if the opponent blocks them. Finally, it should be noted that you can perform KKB during Boxer’s dash straight [ b[f].P ] or his dash low [ b[f].K ] attacks, to trick your opponent into blocking and potentially going into the kick ender overhead or doing nothing and throwing them.

V-Trigger 1: Crazy Rush

Crazy Rush allows Boxer to chain together multiple punch attacks from any of his special punch moves. When a punch move is hit or blocked, you can hold forward on the joystick and press punch to get a follow-up rush punch or kick to get a follow-up dash upper. This allows you to really maximize damage if you land a single punch attack or can put your opponent in a situation where they block a few chained rush punches and then you cancel into V-Skill and do an overhead or throw. There is a lot of utility here, so really test this out to see what combos you can string together or what trick mix-ups you can find.

V-Trigger 2: No Mercy

No Mercy is a command grab V-Trigger which gives Boxer the opportunity to really scare opponents when he goes for a V-Skill mix-up. The V-Trigger doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it does a significant amount of stun. Boxer has access to two command grabs before the V-Trigger timer runs out.



V-Skill: Kasatsushu

Kasatsushu is a airborne dash that allows Juri to move through an opponent and attack them with a kick from the other side by simply tapping MP + MK. If you hold the attack, Juri will crouch and charge up the attack, eventually shooting forward at an incredibly fast speed , hitting the opponent once as she goes through them and again when she attacks from behind them. This charged attack also goes through fireballs. During the charge animation, you can backdash to cancel it completely. You can also store the charge, although there will be no visual indicator to remind you that you it stored. Do note that while charging, you’ll eventually notice a puff of smoke radiate from Juri. This is the visual cute to let you know that you have charged to faster version, and the next time you use Kasatsushu, you’ll automatically do the faster version without having to charge. Finally, during the attack animation, You can tap MP + MK again, to have Juri stop the attack short and cancel out of the dash forward.

V-Trigger 1: Feng Shui Engine Alpha

Juri’s Feng Shui Engine Alpha allows her to chain together normal attacks into a long combo. For example you can do lp > lk > mp > mk > hp > hk in succession and they will all combo. This also holds true for Juri’s air attacks as well. You can also perform the qcf.k release attacks without having to store the attack up first, although doing this will consume a large part of your V-trigger gauge. Also note that some of the properties of Juri’s attacks will change during Feng Shui Engine Alpha. For example, her qcf.LK fireball attack is two hits in this mode.

V-Trigger 2: Feng Shui Engine Beta

Feng Shui Engine Beta is a much more apssive V-Trigger than the alpha version. upon activation, Juri will sweep the opponent back toward her allowing for her to continue a longer combo. Again, please bear in mind, this only happens upon activation, when you first press HP + HK. After that, you’ll notice a ring around Juri’s body. If the opponent is in that ring, it will slowly drain their Critical Art Gauge and transfer it to Juri. Please keep in mind this effect does not work during throw attacks or if Juri is in the air.



V-Skill: Metallic Aura

By pressing MP + MK, Urien’s skin will turn a dark black. The next time he performs one of his special attacks, he will have 1 hit of super armor. Once he’s used the special attack, he’ll lose the ability and his skin will revert back to it’s original color.

V-Trigger 1: Aegis Reflector

Urien’s Aegis reflector allows him to create an energy mirror in front of him at varying distances and locations based upon the directional input you do when you press HP + HK. The energy mirror will reflect any and all energy based projectiles it touches, even critical arts. Please keep this in mind, if you’re fighting against him. Each of the mirrors has a short time limit and will be destroyed if the opponent blocks or is hit by them three times. The mirror also allows Urien to combo off of a throw, if he throws the opponent into one of them. By pressing HP + HK Urien will fire a mirror far ahead of him, that slowly moves backwards. By holding back + HP + HK, he will fire a mirror just in front of him that slowly moves forward. Finally by holding down + HP + HK, Urien will create a mirror just above his head, which can act as a shield against incoming air attacks. You can use up to 2 mirrors before the V-Trigger gauge runs out.

V-Trigger 2: Tyrant Pressure

Tyrant Pressure is a forward moving shoulder charge, You can hold HP + HK and Urien will build up power. If you get a full charge, the attack will be unblockable. During the charge time, Urien also has a single hit of super armor against most normal attacks. He can however be thrown. If the shoulder attack hits the opponent, Urien can follow up afterward with another juggle attack. Urien can use a maximum of 3 shoulder charges during the V-Trigger. It should be noted that Urien does not have super armor during the actual shoulder charge attack, only during the charge up timing in the beginning.


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