V-Skill & V-Trigger Guide: Season 2 DLC

Street Fighter V introduced a very cool and custom mechanic for each fighter called the  “V-System” and while the game did have a very simple tutorial mode, it was a bit lacking in exactly what the V-trigger or V-Skill mechanics were for each character. This tutorial is made to solve that problem. Below we’ll talk very quickly, but with enough depth to get you started and experimenting with your character’s special V-Trigger and V-Skills.




V-Skill: Rakan

Akuma’s V-Skill is a defensive parry, with the caveat that you have to aim it. For high or mid level attacks, you must press MP +MK, and for low hitting attacks, you must press down + MP + MK to successfully parry. During the parry animation on hit or block, Akuma can follow-up with a punch button or a kick button. The punch button has Akuma do a palm thrust that will knock the enemy away. The kick button on the other hand will launch the enemy into the air with a high kick. You can also cancel the ending animation of this kick with a special move for more damage. Be advised that Akuma’s parry can only absorb one hit. Multi-hitting attacks will parry the first hit and then hurt Akuma.

V-Trigger 1: Dohatsu Shoten

Akuma’s V-Trigger 1 powers up his qcf.P fireball attacks and his dragon punch. On the ground his gohadouken [qcf.p] will travel the full length of the screen and will cause a two hit juggle if it hits airborne opponent. In the air his qcf.P will throw two fireballs at once, at varying angles depending on which punch button you press. In addition, Akuma’s dp.P attack will do extra hits as Akuma goes up and then slams his opponent on the ground if it hits. Finally, while V-Trigger is activated. Akuma has access to his raging demon critical art which can be activated by pressing LP, LP, forward, LK, HP in quick succession. Do note that using the Raging Demon will consume the entirety of the V-trigger gauge.

V-Trigger 2: Shiretsu Hasshi

Shiretsu Hasshi gives Akuma the ability to cancel his special attacks into their EX version using his V-Trigger instead of Critical Art Gauge. You can cancel an one of his special attacks from a normal special attack by inputting the ex attack after the first attack is hit or blocked. Akuma can cancel a total of two attacks into their EX versions without Critical Gauge cost before the V-Trigger gauge runs out.



V-Skill: Inside Slash

Kolin’s V-Skill is a far reaching swiping attack, that has a built in counter. While she is lunging forward, if you hit her, she will instantly parry your attack and perform a second counter attacking hit. On hit, she can combo from this at the correct range. Be careful as, you can be punished if you do this too close to your opponent and they block it. it should also be noted that this attack will not gain it’s counter properties until mid way during the slash. You can be hit out of it at the beginning, or thrown out of it completely.

V-Trigger 1: Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust gives Kolin access to a new special attack, whereby Kolin stomps on the ground and the ground in front of her until about half the screen will be frozen over. If you land this attack on your opponent, you can usually follow up with an qcf.PP for additional damage. The opponent will also turn blue as if they are frozen over. As long as they appear like this, their stun bar will not decrease. If the opponent manages to land a hit on Kolin, the stun freeze property will go away, and their stun will go down after some time. You can use this attack after normally punishable moves to make them safe as well. Kolin can use this attack twice before the V-Trigger gauge runs out.

V-Trigger 2: Absolute Zero

V-Trigger two powers up Kolins hailstorm attack by making the hailstorm attack [dp.P] she throws much much larger. She also gains a new attack, Frost Edge, by pressing HP + HK. This attack has Kolin shoot forward the entire distance of the screen at an incredible speed, stabbing her opponent with her hand. She can also do this attack by pressing HP + HK during her MK vanity step [qcb.MK]. Finally, Holding Kolin’s forward dash will have her ice skate across the screen incredibly quickly. You can cancel this skate forward into any grounded normal attack. Finally, by just tapping forward twice, Kolin will feint a skate dash forward, stopping short. While using the powered up Hailstorm doesn’t use up any V-Trigger gauge, using Frost Edge in any way will.



V-Skill: Psycho Snatcher

Ed’s V-Skill is a kind of energy rope that pulls the opponent toward him or him toward his opponent. By tapping MP + MK, Ed will toss out a line of psycho power. On hit or block, it will pull Ed toward his opponent and perform a follow-up attack. While the attack cannot be punished by most characters, it does leave Ed in a disadvantaged position. Close to your opponent and the opponent will be able to act before you. You also have the option of holding MP + MK to do a charged version of Psycho Snatcher. If this hits the opponent it will pull them toward Ed. On hit, Ed can follow-up with a juggle combo. On block it pulls the opponent close to Ed and allows him to act before the opponent can. Finally, Ed can aim his Psycho Snatcher forward, or by holding down + MP + MK, up forward above him.

V-Trigger 1: Psycho Cannon

Psycho Cannon is a powerful, single use V-Trigger that allows Ed to shot a large and slow-moving ball of psycho energy along the screen. Once an opponent has blocked it, It gives Ed the advantage to push his opponent outside of the ball’s area and go for a throw mix-up or frame trap the opponent. There are lots of ways to use this, but require some practice in training mode. You also have the option of activating Psycho cannon and countering an opponent who tries to escape it. Finally, by pressing forward + HP + HK will cause the ball to move forward faster than normal. This is useful in getting some combos to work.

V-Trigger 2: Enhanced Snatcher

V-Trigger 2’s Enhanced Snatcher gives Ed a more versatile and powerful version of his V-Skill. By pressing HP + HK, Ed can grab an an opponent like Psycho Snatcher, however if the opponent guards, he will always have advantage.  In addition, he can follow up his Psycho Upper [PP], EX Psycho Shot [f.P > PP], or Psycho Flicker attack with Enhanced Snatcher by pressing HP + HK on hit. This allows for more damaging combos, or more pressure situations for Ed to continue offense. Ed can perform Enhanced Snatcher up to 3 times before the V-Trigger gauge empties.



V-Skill: Hungabee

Abigail’s Hungabee V-Skill is a parry attack, like a Akuma’s, must be aimed either high or low or it will fail. To parry high and mid level attacks, use MP + MK, and to parry low attacks, use down + MP + MK. Abigail can also cancel his Nitro Charge Run [ KK ] into either of the Hungabee variations. On hit, Abigail will instantly counter attack the opponent causing them to spin backwards. he can then follow up with additional attacks for more damage.

V-Trigger 1: Max Power

Max Power allows Abigail to charge all of his HP attacks and all variations of them. by holding down the HP button and a direction, he’ll charge up one of his attacks. During this charge period, he gains a hit of super armor. If the fully charged attacks connect with the opponent, it will guard break them and Abigail can follow up with another attack to combo with. Abigail can use up to 6 charged punches before the V-Trigger timer runs out.

V-Trigger 2: Hybrid Charge

V-Trigger 2 gives Abigail access to a new move, Hybrid Charge. A huge forward moving dashing attack that goes most of the screen. By pressing HP + HK, Abigail will move forward across the screen doing a charging attack. While moving forward he has 2 hits of super armor. He also has the option to charge the attack by holding the HP + HK buttons down. During this animation, Abigail has hyper armor [infinite super armor]. The only way to stop the charging attack at this point is to throw him, or use an armor break move, which only some character’s have access to. If fully charged, the attack becomes unblockable and will break your opponent’s guard, allowing Abigail to follow up with a combo.



V-Skill: Soul Reflect

Menat’s Soul reflect comes in two forms. The first, by pressing MP + MK while Menat has control of her orb, will reflect fireball projectiles back at her opponent. While her orb is set, and she does not hold it, the attack will merely nullify fireballs. The Soul reflect attack also comes in two versions, the first is MP + MK as noted above, which will put up a shield in front of Menat while she’s standing. The second, by holding down + MP + MK Menat will crouch and do a diagonally upward angled soul reflect, this is useful for juggling opponents during combos or reflecting air fireballs, for example from Akuma.

V-Trigger 1: Wisdom of Thoth

Menat’s V-Trigger 1 is probably one of the hardest and most technical V-Triggers in the game. Upon activation, Menat summons 6 minature orbs around her. During the V-Trigger, if you hold and release a button, a corresponding orb will release and shoot forward at your opponent. From top to bottom on the left side, LP, MP, and HP will release the orbs. On the right side from top to bottom LK, MK, and HK. In addition, depending on whether Menat is standing, crouching, or jumping, the released orbs will move in a different direction. If Menat is crouching, the orbs will move at an upward angle. If she is standing, the released orbs will move straight forward, and if Menat is jumping, the orbs will travel at a downward angle. It will absolutely require you go into training mode to figure out combos and tricky mix-ups to make the most of this V-trigger and bring out it’s full potential.

V-Trigger 2: Prophecy of Thoth

While V-Trigger 1 is considered a very technical V-Trigger, V-Trigger 2 is a bit easier to use. Upon activation, Menat creates 6 orbs  around her, and by pressing qcb.P she will fire all of them at once at the opponent. The strength of the punch button you press determines the angle at which the orbs fire. By pressing light punch all of the orbs will fire straight forward. By pressing medium punch all of the orbs will fire upward. By pressing the heavy punch, all of the orbs will fire upward and then fall back down on the opponent in two waves. Menat can use the 6 orbs up to 2 times before the V-Trigger timer runs out. Once you have expended your first 6 orbs, Menat can restock them once by using HP + HK.



V-Skill: Tenpo Kari

Tenpo Kari is a single strike attack that allows Young Zeku to change into Old Zeku and vice-versa. Old’s Zeku’s attack is more of an anti-air, Young Zeku’s is meant to be used in combos. If you hold forward during the attack, you can switch sides, potentially getting you out of a bad situation in the corner.

V-Trigger 1: Bunshinryu Shingekiko

Zeku’s V-Trigger 1 grants him access to two new attacks. The first is Idaten, which allows Zeku to cancel from any normal attack by pressing HP+ HK. During Idaten Zeku will teleport forward and have a brief window where he can combo all of his normal attacks together in the following order LP > LK > MP > MK > HP > HK. Once Zeku reaches HK or wants to end the combo, you can press HP + HK to do the Idaten ender and Zeku’s second attack in V-Trigger, Bushin Bakujasho, which knocks the opponent down. Zeku can additional perform a single attack in Idaten and special cancel it, if the move is normally special cancellable.

V-Trigger 2: Karura Tenzan

Karura Tenzan is a simple two hit anti-air strike. Whether you’re Old Zeku or Young Zeku, by pressing HP + HK, you will shoot upward and attack the opponent. It can also be used in combos while the opponent is on the ground. By holding forward + HP + HK, Zeku will change sides after the attack. Zeku can do Karura Tenzan up to two times before the V-Trigger timer runs out. Be careful as this attack can be punished if the opponent blocks it.


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