V-Skill & V-Trigger Guide: Season 3 DLC

Street Fighter V introduced a very cool and custom mechanic for each fighter called the  “V-System” and while the game did have a very simple tutorial mode, it was a bit lacking in exactly what the V-trigger or V-Skill mechanics were for each character. This tutorial is made to solve that problem. Below we’ll talk very quickly, but with enough depth to get you started and experimenting with your character’s special V-Trigger and V-Skills.




V-Skill: Haru Kaze

Sakura’s Haru Kaze is a command hop forward with one of three follow-ups. When pressing MP + MK, if you press a Punch button afterward, she’ll do her Sakura Otoshi attack, which hits her opponent up to three times if it lands. In order to get the following hits, you have to continue to press P. This attack must be blocked standing by your opponent.

By pressing a kick button after Haru Kaze, Sakura will cancel into a dive-kicking attack. If this attack hits, you can follow-up with a combo once you land on the ground. If the opponent blocks your attack, they can punish you, unless the dive-kick attack hit them below their waist.

Finally Sakura can press LP + LK during Haru Kaze to perform a throw attack. This attack will grab any opponents who are standing. The range on this throw is surprisingly long. If you can, go into training mode to see for yourself.

V-Trigger 1: Haru Arashi

Haru Arashi allows Sakura to cancel her qcf.P fireballs and qcf.K fireballs into her V-Skill, Haru Kaze, on hit or block. This allows her additional combo opportunities and unique pressure situations. In addition Sakura gains access to a new attack by pressing HP + HK. This attack has Sakura reel back momentarily before lunging forward and releasing a ball of stationary energy. What’s important about this attack is that if your opponent blocks it, you will have slight advantage to continue attacking. It’s best to continue with a light attack to keep up your pressure afterward. Finally this V-Trigger powers up Sakura’s Critical Art’s damage.

V-Trigger 2: Sakura Senpu

V-Trigger 2 augments Sakura’s uppercut [dp.P] and hurricane kick [qcb.k] attacks. Sakura’s dp.P attacks gain full invincibility during it’s start and becomes a great damage ender. Meanwhile, her qcb.K shunpukyaku attack moves much farther forward during it’s duration and at the end, Sakura will kick the opponent in the air, allowing you to follow up with juggle combos, including but not limited to the MP + MK V-Skill. Using a dp.P or qcb.K move during this V-Trigger consumes the V-Trigger gauge. Sakura can do a maximum of 3 attacks before the V-Trigger gauge runs out.



V-Skill: Coward Crouch

Blanka’s V-Skill is a crouching move that allows him to duck under some attacks and fireballs by pressing MP + MK. He can also cancel this attack into two follow-ups. By pressing a punch button after coward crouch, Blanka will do an attack that lifts the opponent up in the air and can be followed up with a juggling combo.

Pressing a kick button after coward crouch will have blanka leap into the sky toward the opponent. He can then perform one air action during this hop forward.

V-Trigger 1: Jungle Dynamo

Jungle Dynamo powers up all of Blanka’s special attacks, buffing their damage and changing some properties, for example allowing Blanka to combo his rolling attack [ b[f].P ] into Vertical Rolling [ d[u].K ]. Additionally you have access to a new move, Ground Shave Roll, by pressing HP + HK. This attack performs a short hop forward before charging the ball on the ground. If you fully charge the attack, it will become unblockable and will allow Blanka to follow-up with a short combo. Blanka can perform a maximum of 3 special attacks [ground shave roll included] before the V-Trigger gauge runs out.

V-Trigger 2: Lightning Beast

V-Trigger allows Blanka to follow up his Blanka ball attacks with additional Blanka balls at nearly any direction by pressing the direction you want to move + HP + HK. This allows Blanka to create tricky cross-ups, mix-up situations and powerful combos. Using additional rolls after the first rolling attack will consume V-Trigger gauge.



V-Skill: Psycho Trombe

Falke’s Psycho Trombe is a slow-starting staff spin, which will absorb fireballs. If it hits the opponent, it will also deal damage and knock them down. Be careful about using this attack up close as your opponent can punish you if they block it in most situations.

V-Trigger 1: Staerken

V-Trigger one, gives Falke access to a medium-long range fireball while crouching, standing, or jumping. By pressing HP + HK Falke will fire a shot from the end of her staff. Holding down + HP + HK, Falke gets very low to the ground and shoots a blast at her opponents feet. This will go under most fireball attacks. Pressing HP + HK int he air has Falke hover for a moment before firing a shot downward at the opponent, unlike most other characters in the game, Falke can shoot this fireball while doing either forward, neutral, or back jump. Finally, HP + HK while standing will have Falke shoot 3 shots, one forward, one upward and one downward. This standing shot can be canceled into the crouching shot.

V-Trigger 2: Psycho Angriff

Upon activation, Falke does a spinning attack and knocks the opponent down. During the duration of the V-trigger she gains access to two additional moves, Psycho Strum and Psycho Klinge. By pressing HP + HK, Falke does Psycho Strum, swinging her staff forward. This attack has a very long range, but can be punished if the opponent blocks. By pressing down + HP + HK, Falke will do Psycho Klinge, where Falke flips into the air and then swings her staff downward. This attack must be blocked standing. It will also leave you at a disadvantageous position, but it will be difficult for the opponent to punish you. It should be noted that both Psycho Strum and Psycho Klinge can be canceled from V-Skill or any of Falke’s special attacks.



V-Skill: Double Kick

Cody’s V-Skill is an invincible rising kick attack. It is invincible to throws, attacks, and projectiles, however if the opponent blocks or the attack misses, if Cody is hit during the cooldown animation, it will be considered counter-hit. Also, keep in mind that using this attack causes Cody to take grey damage.

V-Trigger 1: Side Arm

In V-Trigger 1, Cody will brandish a knife, and all of his punch attacks will change. His normal attacks will become various knife stabs. By pressing HP + HK, Cody will throw the knife. You can throw it straight using HP + HK or throw it in the air by holding down + HP + HK. Once the knife is thrown, you can restock the knife by pressing HP + HK again. Additionally, Cody loses access to his qcf.P fireball, but does gain access to a qcb.P knife swing attack. If it hits, the attack will perform multiple knife cuts. On the other hand if the opponent blocks, Cody will be able to continue pressure. Cody can use a maximum of 4 knives or a maximum of 3 of the qcb.P knife swing attacks before the V-Trigger gauge runs out.

V-Trigger 2: Dirty Coach

Dirty Coach has Cody wield a metal pipe. During this V-Trigger Cody’s HP attacks will change and have much more range. By pressing HP + HK at the same time, Cody will do a baseball-like swing. Like Side Arm, Cody can also hold down + HP + HK to swing the pipe upward. This attacks does damage if it its an opponent but will also reflect fireballs of any strength back at the opponent. Cody also gains to two new attacks, the first, Bean Ball [qcb.P] has Cody lob a rock into the air. When it comes back down, you can press HP + HK to swing the pipe and knock the rock at the opponent. Depending on your timing, the trajectory of the rock will change. Finally, Cody gains access to Toss & Smash, a command grab attack by pressing hcb.K. During this animation, if you time the HP + HK while the opponent is right, you’ll get a special animation that does more damage.



V-Skill: G Barrier

G-Barrier is an omni-directional force-field that will nullify single hit fireballs. It will also hit opponents near G, so has some use as a move to beat other buttons during footsies. G Barrier can also be used in the air as well.

V-Trigger 1: Maximum President

V-Trigger 1, automatically sets G’s presidentiality level to maximum. During this mode, his G-Barrier will change into a large fireball after the initial force-field animation. In addition G will have the ability to cancel any of his special attacks into another attack once during a combo. This creates opportunities to do incredibly damaging combos.

V-Trigger 2: Dangerous President

Dangerous President, gives G access to two additional attacks. The first, G Explosion, [HP + HK] is a simple rising punch that can be canceled from any of his normal or special attacks [Not including f.HK]. This is great as a damage ender from any combo. By pressing down + HP + HK, G will perform a powerful command grab. Although the grab does take a while to start-up, it does have 1 hit of super armor, if the opponent tries to attack you, you’ll absorb the hit and grab them immediately.



V-Skill: Angry Charge

Sagat’s Angry Charge allows him to power up his next Tiger uppercut by pressing MP + MK. The animation for this attack is quite, long so be very careful of when you choose to do it.  This effect does not stack, as doing multiple Angry Charges will not make Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut stronger and stronger.

V-Trigger 1: Tiger Charge

V-Trigger 1 gives Sagat access to a powerful 5-hitting fireball. Sagat also gains the ability to cancel into this fireball from his HP attacks. The fireball also juggles so that if Sagat is close enough, he can combo into a Tiger Uppercut afterward. Sagat can use two fireballs before the V-Trigger gauge runs out.

V-Trigger 2: Tiger Assault

Tiger Assault gives Sagat two new attacks while the V-Trigger is active. The first, Tiger Rush, is a quick, forward stepping, double knee attack. Be careful as this attack can be punished in some situations if the opponent blocks. If the attack hits, and your opponent is in the corner, you can follow up with a Tiger Uppercut for more damage.

The second attack, Tiger Spike is a chargeable spin-kick move with 1 hit of super armor. Charging this attack changes it’s properties slightly. It has 3 levels. By pressing HP + HK, you’ll get the level 1 attack which is a simple spin kick. By holding HP + HK for a moment or two and then releasing, Sagat will do a spin kick, that if connected, will send the opponent into a juggle state. From this, you’ll be able to follow-up with a kara Tiger uppercut. [ f.HK[dp.HP] ] for more damage. If you hold HP + HK for the maximum time limit, you’ll get the level 3 version of Tiger Spike, which is unblockable. If it hits your opponent it will break their guard, and you can again follow-up witha  kara Tiger Uppercut.

Finally, it should be noted that you can cancel the ending of Tiger Rush into Tiger Spike. This creates great combo opportunities if the initial Tiger Rush hits. You can use a maximum of 3 Tiger Rush or Tiger Spikes before the V-Trigger gauge runs out.


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