V-Trigger & V-Skill Guide

Street Fighter V introduced a very cool and custom mechanic for each fighter called the  “V-System” and while the game did have a very simple tutorial mode, it was a bit lacking in exactly what the V-trigger or V-Skill mechanics were for each character. This tutorial is made to solve that problem.Below we’ll talk very quickly, but with enough depth to get you started and experimenting with your character’s special V-Trigger and V-Skills.




V-Skill: Minds Eye

By pressing MP + MK, Ryu will parry an attack. For this, he takes no damage and recovers more quickly in order to punish or retaliate against the opponent. you can also push MP + MK again after the first successful parry in order to parry additional hits or multi-hitting moves, such as Ryu’s EX fireball. Parrying also builds a small amount of your V-gauge. If you time a parry wrong and get hit, the game will register a counter-hit. For this, you should be careful and not throw out the parry all “willy-nilly.”

V-Trigger: Denjin Renki

Upon activating the V-Trigger mode, Ryu’s Punch attacks and specials become stronger for nearly 15 seconds. Hadoukens are stronger, faster, and can be charged by holding down the button you use to execute the attack. A fully charged Hadouken will break a defending opponents guard. If you’re close, you can follow up with a combo. Throwing a Hadouken uses a little bit of the V-Gauge. Using super causes an opponents guard to break, but will immediately end the V-Trigger mode.

Punch attacks get +10 Damage and + 30 Stun. Shoryukens do + 20 Damage and + 50 Stun.  By holding down the button to charge a Hadouken, Ryu’s Hadouken will be 2 hits.



V-Skill: Quick Step

By pressing MP + MK, Ken will run forward about half the distance of the screen. This can be cancelled during the later animation into nearly any normal or special attack. Alternatively, holding the MP + MK buttons down when you press them will cancel the run into a stepping kick that will hit opponents into an airborne juggling state. You can use this property to make longer combos in the corner or activate your V-Trigger for follow-ups. When you perform the stepping kick, Ken will gain varying amounts of V-gauge depending on if you hit or not. For a hit you get 1/2 of a full bar. For a blocked step kick you’ll gain 1/4 of a bar.

V-Trigger: Heat Rush

When activated, Ken will rush forward [making this only truly safe during combos]. In this mode, Ken’s specials get powered up with fire [visually] and will do more damage. He also gains new properties which allow for new combo opportunities. His EX tatsu in the air will change into a more divekick-esque attack, and his tatsu can clash with fireballs. While activated his feet will emit flames.



V-Skill: Rankyaku

Chun-Li’s V-Skill is a small attack into a low angled jump. The start-up has a single hit which will knock enemies airborne so you can juggle with air attacks. The jumping motion itself can be followed up with an air attack, but only as chun descends. The jump is actually shorter than the height of her normal jump. if the initial attack is blocked she gains 50 V-gauge. If it hits, she gains 100. [About 1/6th and 1/3rd of bar, respectively

V-Trigger: Renkiko

This V-Trigger adds an additional attack to Chun’s medium and heavy buttons including unique attacks. Many of her moves change properties as well. The biggest notable changes are to her b.HP, which will destroy projectiles, and she gains the ability to combo from her overhead attack.



V-Skill: Axel Spin Knuckle

Pressing MP + MK with Cammy gives her a spinning attack that will go through fireballs, will go over lows, is at advantage on block and when used close to an oppponent, will cross them up. On successful hit, she can combo and will gain 80 V-gauge for her V-Trigger. On block she is at + 2 Frame Advantage and gets 40 V-gauge.

V-Trigger: Delta Drive

When Delta Drive activates, Cammy’s kicking special attacks increase in power and trickiness. The downside is that she can only use 2 moves before it ends. When activated, you also lose access to EX moves, but the V-trigger attacks are better. her attacks will also pass through the opponent making it very difficult to see which side she has landed on. Hitting with one of her Cannon Spike dive kicks also puts her at a significantly higher frame advantage than normal. Also her dive-kick follow-up from hooligan will gain these aforementioned abilities.



V-Skill: Yoga Float

Dhalsim gains the ability to hover in mid-air. He can do this move in the air or while on the ground, and allows him to float for a short tim, before falling back to the ground. During this state, he can also move left or right and also attack, which will make him fall fall out of the float. Normals blocked or hit will help Dhalsim gain V-gauge, while floating.

V-Trigger: Yoga Burner

Dhalsim blows fire on the ground in front of him. The initial start is an attack that will knock the opponent down into the flames. if the opponent is touching the floor with the fire, it will deal white-damage to them. In total, the fire can rack up as much as 150 Damage or more. In order to convert the white damage into actual damage, Dhalsim needs to hit the opponent afterward.

M.Bison (Dictator)

M.Bison [Dictator]

V-Skill: Psycho Reflect

Bison’s Psycho Reflect is a defensive maneuver that will absorb an attack or projectile, and will allow him to gain V-gauge in return. If the players holds and continues pressing MP+MK after a successful strike or projectile is absorbed by psycho reflect, he will launch a very very fast fireball across the screen.

V-Trigger: Psycho Power

When activated, Dictator’s forward dash becomes longer, faster. It also has increased invincibility. He can also teleport through through opponents allowing for side switching mix-ups. He also no longer requires charge for his grounded special moves done as part of combos [regular versions done outside of combos still require charge time]. Bison also gains the ability to cancel special attacks into EX special attacks. His special attacks also take on new properties as a result to allow them to combo.

Vega (Claw)

Vega [Claw]

V-Skill: Matador Turn

When you press MP+MK with Vega, he’ll do a stylish turn that makes his upper body invincible for a short time, and his whole body projectile invincible. By holding both buttons, Vega will do a quick swiping attack that has upper body invincibility. Be careful, if the opponent blocks this attack, as it is not safe. upon hit Vega gets 100 V-gauge and on block he gains 50 gauge [and will likely get hurt because it’s, again, unsafe].

V-Trigger: Bloody Kiss

Claw throws a rose across the screen very quickly. When it hits an opponent, he will shoot forward behind it, and attack. The rose will not clash with fireballs and will go through them. If it hits, the opponent will be hit into the air allowing for a follow-up of his super move. Vega also has the ability to hold down+HP+HK which will result in him throwing the rose at a 45 degree angle, as an anti-air attack. He can also use this attack in the air, which will result in him throwing the rose down at a 45 degree angle. If the opponent blocks this move, Vega in almost every case cannot be punished.



V-Skill: Iron Muscle

When you tap MP+MK with Zangief, he flexes and turns red gaining two hits of armor. By holding the buttons, Zangief will stay in this mode for as long as you hold the buttons down. During the time you hold the buttons, Zangief can walk forward. Be careful however; Zangief cannot stop moving except by letting go of MP+MK. Upon release the buttons after holding, Zangief will flex again, doing a quick attack which puts him at an advantage situation if the enemy blocks it.

V-Trigger: Cyclone Lariat

When holding HP+HK Zangief will spin and suck in things in front of him. If the opponent was not blocking before they get sucked in, they will be hit. If you hold the heavy buttons, Zangief will continue to suck things in, and hit them. If you let the V-trigger run out the last hit will knock the opponent up, so that Zangief can follow-up with a combo. Zangief’s Iron Muscle can also absorb infinite amounts of hits while V-Trigger is active.



V-Skill: Snack Time

Birdie will eat different foods which give different effects based on the direction you hold when pressing MP+MK. Just holding the stick to neutral will result in Birdie eating a doughnut agnd gaining a smalla mount of V-gauge. By holding back when you press MP+MK, Birdie will instead eat a banna and throw the peel on the ground. If the opponent touches the banana, they will take 10 damage and be put into a slipping state which allows Birdie to follow up with combos. Birdie gets some V-gauge, but less than the doughnut. The banana disappears after a short time. Holding down makes Birdie drink a can of soda and throws the can along the ground. If you get hti, you’ll slip, take 10 damage and again, Birdie can combos like the banana. He also gains a bit of V-gauge as well.

V-Trigger: Enjoy Time

When Birdie activates V-Trigger, he eats a pepper, and spews a flame that can hit the opponent allowing for some juggle combos. During this time, Birdie is faster (movement as well as special attacks) and stronger by about 1/5 additional damage across the board. Some of his special attacks gain armor (1-hit)



V-Skill: Meioken

By Pressing MP+MK, Karin steps forward and does a strong palm strike. The palm strike will destroy fireballs, but can also be used to damage opponents. It has 2 versions: The basic palm strike, activated by simply tapping the two buttons, and a stronger version by holding the buttons down until Karin attacks. The regular version can be a little risky up close, but the powered up / held version is only -1. The stronger version can also be cancelled into other specials.

V-Trigger: Kanzuki-Ryu Guren no Kata

Karin’s V-Trigger puts her into a state in which she has access to many more varied, dangerous, and tricky mix-ups, via a whole new list of additional moves. Using some or any of the moves depletes the already slowly draining V-gauge. Check the command list in game for all of the new moves and variations of moves she gains access to. [Note: You’ll swear it’s a Tekken move list tree, haha]



V-Skill: Bullet Clear

By pressing MP+MK, Nash extends his arm and does an attack that also serves the purpose of absorbing fireballs. It will nullify 1 hit of a projectile that it touches. It can be used as an attacking move, which has decent range, but in terms of damage output and it’s disadvantage on block has little use outside of absorbing fireballs.

V-Trigger: Sonic Move

Pressing HP+HK with Nash enables him to does an incredibly quick teleport to one of any three locations on screen depending on the direction you hold in conjunction with the button press. Holding forward allows Nash to teleport to the opponent in the air right behind them. Holding back makes Nash teleport in the air right in front of the opponent. Finally, with no directional input, Nash will teleport on the ground behind the opponent. This is a very useful ability for extending combos, or for confusing your opponent by throwing a fireball and teleporting right behind them before it hits. It’s important to note that this move is not invincible on the 1st frame. If an opponent does a meaty attack and you try to teleport, Nash will be hit and not get the teleport. It can be used to punish the start-up or recovery of very slow moves however.



V-Skill: Hot Mic

Pressing MP+MK with R. Mika has the character pull out a microphone and start giving a motivational speech. This move has multiple effects. The first and most noticeable is that during the speech, R. Mika has one hit of armor for as long as you hold the buttons down. Upon releasing the buttons, R.Mika will throw the mic down. During this animation, she also gains another hit of armor. The mircophone also has a projectile hitbox and can hit opponents.

The second effect is that while speaking, you’ll notice sound waves come from R.Mika. Each successive soundwave during 1 hot mic powers up her next attack. This boost starts very small, but going through a whole speech will allow her to KO an opponent in 1 attack. Be careful however, as the next move, whether it hits, is blocked, or whiffs will only receive the powerup. Once you attack, the boost is gone. Also, you cannot stack the effects of the power-up. Doing 2 short hot mics will only result in the same effect as doing 1 short mic.

V-Trigger: Nadeshiko

Activating R.Mika’s V-trigger summons her tag team partner Nadeshiko. This move has 6 variations. You can either summon Nadeshiko from the front, above the opponent, or behind them by holding the stick at back, neutral, or forward, respectively. You can also either tap the buttons for an instant activation, or you can hold the button input to delay Nadeshiko’s entrance; having her appear when you release. This allows R.Mika to extend combos and also create mix-ups using her partner.



V-Skill: Nishidoku

By Pressing MP+MK, Fang release a very slow moving bubble of poison. It will travel across the screen like a fireball, however it will not interact with other projectiles or attacks. The ball causes no hit or block stun, but when it hits, it will inflicts the poison status (slowly draining 50 damage, or until F.A.N.G is hit, whichever happens first.

V-Trigger: Dokunomu

When F.A.N.G’s V-Trigger is activated, he gains an area of effect poison around himself. If the opponent is near him, they will be continuously poisoned, whether blocking, standing, crouching, jumping, but not attack. However when the opponent stops attacking F.A.N.G, the poison will re-apply instantly.



V-Skill: Volty-Line, Avante, Esquiva

Laura is one of the few characters with varied V-Skills. By pressing MP+MK and no direction, she does Volty-Line, her overhead swing kick. Be careful as this move can be punished on block. You can also cancel from normal attacks into this swing kick for slight mix-up potential. Volty Line will also crush counter opponents on counter-hit.

Avante, is a command dashing move executed by holding forward + MP+MK. This allows Laura to dash forward with a shorter hurtbox, which can potentially go over moves that hit standing only opponents. The bad side is that Avante is slightly slower than Laura’s regular dash, but you can cancel into this move from normals.

Esquiva, is Laura’s escaping dash backwards, that can be canceled into specials or super attacks [with the exception of Sunset Wheel]. This move has no invincibility.

V-Trigger: Sparkshow

When Laura presses HP+HK. She enters a state for just over 10 seconds which boosts all of her specials and V-Skill attacks. Some noticeable boosts include reduced charge time on Laura’s Thunderclap fireball. The fireball itself also lasts much longer. Laura’s dashing moves also move farther. Additionally she does more stun damage to the opponent on a successful hit.



V-Skill: Culminated Power

By pressing MP+MK, Necalli smashes his fists on the ground and sends a shockwave to hit a standing or crouching enemy on the ground in front of him. You can change the location of the resulting shockwave by holding forward or back. Be very careful when using this move, because it takes a long time to finish, and does not hit jumping opponents, which means an opponent could punish Necalli with a jumping combo. The trade off is that when it hits, you gain half a stock of V-gauge.

V-Trigger: Torrent of Power

When Necalli activates V-trigger, the first noticeable change is his hair. He effectively becomes a super Saiyan. During this mode, Necalli is faster, and his dash speed is incredibly increased. Like Dictator, in this mode, Necalli doesn’t need to charge to do his disc guidance attack. During this mode, Necalli’s move properties also change. He additionally gains more frame advantage allowing for more powerful combos. Finally, Necalli’s V-Trigger is different from other characters in that once he activates it, it will not run-out until the very end of the round. Once he gets V-Trigger and activates it, he will have it for the remainder of the current round.



V-Skill: Front-Flip & Rolling Assault

When Rashid presses MP+MK, he does a flip into the air. During this flip he has access to an attack called Eagle Spike, which is essentially a dive-kick. The angle of Eagle Spike depends on the strength of the button press. The moves will also auto-correct if Rashid crosses over the opposing character. Be careful as Eagle Spike is very punishable.

Alternatively, Rashid can press down + MP+MK to do a projectile invincible rolling attack on the ground. He can press kick during the roll to do a kicking attack. This attack is slightly unsafe on block and you can be punished by faster attacks.

V-Trigger: Ysaar

Activating V-Trigger with Rashid, allows him to unleash a large whirlwind onto the field. This whirlwind will slowly move across the screen for almost 5 seconds and can hit the enemy up to three times before dissipating. If it hits, the enemy, it puts them in a juggle state which allows for follow-up combos. Also Rashid’s spinning or wind moves near the cyclone powers them up, and by moving through the cyclone, Rashid gets a quick burst of speed in the directions he was initially travelling. You can also use this as a mix-up, crossing over the opponent or going for a high attack when they try to block it.



V-Skill: Overhaul

Alex winds up his arm, which makes his next attack a “Hard Hit.” Hard hit attacks have the exact same properties as counter-hit attacks in damage and frame advantage. This effect only lasts for 1 attack. If your attack hits or is blocked, or if Alex is hit before attack, the effect goes away. If your attack whiffs, Alex retains the hard hit property. Just a note, that overhaul doesn’t reward Alex with any meter for his V-gauge.

V-Trigger: Rage Shift

When Alex activates V-Trigger, his V-gauge slowly starts depleting. If unused, the bar lasts for about 30 seconds. During this mode, he gains access to sledge hammer by pressing HP+HK. Sledgehammer is a chargeable wrestling-clothesline type attack. If charged fully it becomes an unblockable attack, that covers most of the ground on the screen. It can be released early for an attack (Though the attack will be blockable) as well. If you try to hit Alex during the charge for this attack, he will have 1 frame of super armor. The start-up of this attack allows Alex to also parry incoming attacks and gain back V-gauge while V-trigger is active. Alternatively, Alex can let go of the HP+HK while charging to parry moves that hit him during the charge animation. Using Sledgehammer uses up about 1/4th of Alex’s V-gauge, but he can cancel the recovery of a hit of this attack into his other special attacks.



V-Skill: Sonic Blade

Guile throws a projectile that stays in place right in front of him before dissipating after a while. Guile is able to cancel the recovery of this move into a Sonic Boom. When Sonic Boom and Sonic Blade come into contact, they combine into a 2-hit moving projectile. You can also opt to throw an EX Sonic Boom through the Sonic Blade, which makes it a 3 -hit projectile that travels more quickly across the screen. Guile gains a small amount of V-gauge on hit and block of Sonic Blade.

V-Trigger: Hard Puncher

Guile activates V-Trigger and he gains wind rings around his wrists. This will activate for about 30 seconds. During this time, Guile’s Sonic Booms will have less recovery, He also gains a new special move called “Sonic Break.” Sonic Break is basically a smaller Sonic Boom that doesn’t require charge time. Guile can Press HP+HK to throw a sonic break. Unlike normal projectiles, there is no limit to how many he can throw at once. By holding forward while doing Sonic Break, the fireball will travel faster. holding back will make it travel more slowly. Alternatively, Guile can throw a  Sonic Boom, and then cancel the recovery by pressing any punch button immediately afterwards. Pressing LP throws one at the same speed as holding back and HP+HK. Pressing MP throws the same speed as neutral and HP+HK, and pressing HP throws a sonic break at the same speed as forward and HP+HK. Using the sonic break depletes a small portion of the V-gauge timer. Throwing 4 in succession depletes the timer fully. Finally, Guile’s critical art, Sonic Hurricane, during Hard Puncher, becomes Sonic Tempest. In addition it covers more for the screen and does more damage. Using Sonic Tempest will instantly deplete all of the V-gauge and will subsequently end V-trigger.


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